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The Treasure Project provides a secure place for female victims of domestic abuse to revisit some of the content they have undertaken on pattern changing courses, with additional support to ensure that they continue their journey out of crisis


The project included 1-to-1 sessions , and gave 'space' to allow women to cry, laugh and think in a safe supportive environment, which will assist them to rebuild self-confidence and resilience to meet future challenges .

The weekly 2 hour sessions are scheduled around school drop-off/pick-ups. and run in term-time only , in close proximity time wise to the Pattern Changing courses. The sessions are facilitated by a group leader and volunteers who have themselves been victims of domestic abuse, with a crèche available to look after any children, allowing the women to have dedicated time for themselves.

Recent subjects tackled include assertiveness, personal boundaries, recognising quality relationships, rights, with every "guest" being texted in between sessions and during the holidays to keep in touch (on a confidential business-only phone) . At the end of term each person received a "Treasure box" with a special message personally for them – one women used the newly learned skills of quilling (taught at one of the sessions) to create a special item with her name and said "I will put it in my Treasure box to remind me of what I can do"

The success is for the women to feel able to live confidently in their own accommodation; one women who had come from the women’s refuge was able to move into her own accomodation, calling the weekly meetings "my therapy session" stating that she is now making the right choices now, and has developed healthier friendships, so is emotionally strong enough to leave the group knowing she can always call up if she needs help.

Other successes include:


 4 are now volunteering in the community (via roles at Winton Salvation Army)


 1 is now attending college


 1 is now in full time employment


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