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Forest Radio will be working with Emmanuel Middle School in Verwood to produce a series of 30 minute programmes on the subject of Wellbeing, with a series of features recorded and produced by Year 8 students from the School Council.


The pupils planned and recorded the programmes on a  portable recorder the at the school with assistance from one of the presenters. and uses the Studios to edit and put the feature together with music of their choice from the library to make the 30 minute programmes which were broadcast in their Community Matters programmes at 6.30 pm each weekday evening.

The project carried  out 2 full sessions with students from Emmanuel School covering  two topics  - road safety , concentrated mostly on bike safety and awareness of people with disabilities

They also completed five sessions of interviews with their local PCSO Robin Morgan and attended The Dementia Awareness Day at Crane Valley in June 2016.

The project has conducted an extensive interview with Sergeant Stu Pitman from the No ExcusesTeam , and  included information from Dorset Alert and Dorset Police news releases in our news bulletins.


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