Harbour Challenge


Harbour Challenge provided a 3 month kayaking / outdoor activity introduction course for 18 repeat young offenders (under age 22), who would are referred to the scheme by the local Neighbourhood Policing Team, with whom they have a long standing connection.


The majority of young offenders  in this area have had problems engaging with the community in which they live, and lack the formal academic tuition which could help expand their horizons, often due to a wide variety of learning disabilities and behavioural issues, such as dyslexia and ADHD, with co-factors such as poverty and neglect. Harbour Challenge provide kayaking is as it is the watersport most likely to engage participants, as there is a minimum of technical knowledge involved in getting started.

The participants were given the opportunity to achieve set goals on a personal and group level, on the awe-inspiring setting of Poole Harbour, while redirecting negative behaviours such as anger and aggression into positive tangible outcomes, for participants and the wider community.

Harbour Challenge ran a series of weekends with a small group of 18 students over the a  period .  Most students gained BCU 1 or 2 star awards, despite some of the commitment from partcipants being adhoc, but Harbour Challenge persevered with these challenges, and continued with the project. with one participant asking to volunteer there one day a month .


 For more information please see here : https://www.harbourchallenge.org.uk


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