Portland Drop In


The young people attending Portland Drop in will be undertaking a film project aimed at educating other young people on the island about the damaging effects of ASB on themselves and the community .


The project is building on a previous project undertaken by the older age group around drugs and teenage pregnancy which proved very successful.The projects equip the young people taking part with transferable skills which will aid them in future employment and education .

The funding was to purchase equipment to enable the Drop In to continue film projects about issues that face the young people on Portland, in order that they could turn them into ‘information films’ to deliver viaworkshops to other young people facing similar issues (via schools, youth clubs, etc).

Throughout summer 2016 a new cohort of 9 very enthusiastic, but very vulnerable young people aged 12-16 became involved with the project. The project commenced by working with the new group on emotional literacy, and by October, the group were introduced to the film project, with the group choosing their own film ideas, as the first group did, to ensure they have ownership of the project.

The final project report is due in the summer of 2017.



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