PRAMA Care – Home Safely Dementia Bracelets


PRAMA are a charity who provide care and support services throughout Dorset to elderly and disabled people.



It had been identified that a large number of people living with dementia or memory loss were wandering from their homes or residential units, and becoming lost. With no memory, and often with no means of identification. These 'wanderers' could easily come to serious harm. During 2014/15 there were 250 cases of people living with dementia becoming lost and disorientated across Dorset, all of which were reported to Dorset Police to instigate a search .  


 In conjunction with Borough of Poole, Bournemouth Borough Council, Dorset County Council and Dorset Police, the Safer Dorset Fund supported PRAMA  Care and their Home Safely Bracelet scheme. The £1250 was used to supply and distribute Home Safely Bracelets to people living with dementia. These are engraved with a unique ID number registered with the agency Careline. Should a person become lost or separated from their carer, the number is used to identify them and give information on who to call to ensure the patient is safely returned to their place of residence  so far 256 bracelets had been circulated across Dorset.

Peter Moody speaking on behalf of PRAMA said: “There have been activations to date enabling ‘wanderers’ to be taken home safely.  In one particular case a bracelet was issued to an individual with a learning disability who managed to wander from Poole to Exeter (apparently he managed to get onto the Jurassic Bus) and again was brought home thanks to the use of the bracelet.

"One of the great benefits, although intangible, is the peace of mind that this gives to family and carers knowing that the bracelets can help in enabling Dementia wanderers to return home safely.  Hopefully this is now and in the future helping to reduce the call on Police and emergency services.

"The Grant will help to ensure that this Project can be in place in Dorset for many years to come.”

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