Emergency Child Care Scheme


The Bournemouth Children and Families Trust project provides emergency childcare provision to support to local families in crisis.


The Bournemouth Children and Families Trust is a project which provides support to local families in crisis. They help fund emergency pre-school child care and support for mothers who are going through the court system due to domestic violence cases. In these situations, neither the Court or Refuges are able to provide mothers with child care which can lead to stressful situations, the postponement or in some cases, the cancellation of the case.

The project approached the PCC for a grant of £1200 from the Safer Dorset Fund. This money is being used to ensure cases are able to go ahead without the mother having to suffer anymore unnecessary stress. The project funds childcare for parents, victims or witnesses who required child care during their case. Children are placed in a Day Nursery supervised by trained staff able to offer a stable and safe environment for children who may have suffered emotional trauma.

Following the approval of the grant , the project successfully provided 62 hours of emergency child care for seven children. This has given parents the peace of mind that their children were in a safe environment whilst they attended Court to give witness evidence. All cases went ahead with no delays which may not have happened had the mothers been unable to find care for their children

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