Relate Project and Contact Centre


Relate have a long history of providing therapeutic relationship services to parents in conflict.


These relationships can often be volatile and can have a long-lasting impact on the children, negatively affecting their safety, physical and mental health. Relate applied to the PCC for a grant from the Safer Dorset Fund to enable them to provide a supervised contact centre for separated families. They found, due to changes in legislation, fewer parents were able to access the services they previously ran and so they were hoping this funding would help to bring their service to more people allowing the non-resident parent supervised access.

In this centre, the non-residential parent is able to meet with their child/ren in a safe, supervised place. As a result of their grant, the centre has been successful in re-establishing a positive relationship in at least one family whose conflict was diminished.

Sheila from Relate has said: 'With the funding from the PCC, Relate Dorset have helped to re-establish vital family relationships for children who have lost contact with their Mum or Dad following a separation where the grownups were fighting or abuse was a feature of the relationship. Relate models positive relationships throughout the contact process to help parents find more constructive ways that they can communicate. Mum and Dad may no longer be partners but they will always be parents'

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