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The Dorset Adult Aspergers Support Group (DAAS)is a group which helps support and provide information for adults with Aspergers in the Dorset area.


Aspergers is a condition that affects how people communicate and relate to people around them. This can result in unintentional antisocial behaviour , including threatening statements, physical outbursts or inappropriate behaviour , which can cause a lot of unwanted attention, causing further distress.

The PCC granted the Dorset Adult Aspergers Support Group  £1500 from the Safer Dorset Fund to run the “Socially Wise”.project  This was a six week course which engaged with adults with Aspergers to help them to become more socially aware, thus helping them to  integrate  more easily into society.

The course assisted , by explaining how social rules can be difficult to understand, and assisted with role playing social interactions and emotional regulation with the general public. It taught participants to accurately interpret verbal and nonverbal communication as well as how to understand the impact their behaviour can have on others.

The module-based programme for 10 people covered topics such as personal space and keeping on topic. After completing this programme, it is expected that those who attended will be far less likely to be involved in an antisocial incident and this will have a benefit to both the individual and the wider community.

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