South West Dorset Multicultural Network


The South West Dorset Multicultural Network (SWDMN) aims to promote social inclusion for public benefit by working with people in South West Dorset


They do this through the provision of a local group which enables people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds to participate more effectively in the wider community.

The organisation also promotes racial equality and diversity by recognising the negative effects of racism in the community and highlighting the positive contribution of minority groups in Dorset. They seek to address the negative experiences of minority groups in Dorset due to discrimination and racism. For example, Gypsies and Travellers have significantly worse health outcomes than other populations. As well as this, many network members feel isolated and vulnerable living in rural communities where there is not a lot of diversity. This often results in verbal and sometimes physical abuse occurring which is something the Network aims to challenge and overcome.

By running community events which bring together different minorities with the wider community, the Network hopes to help resolve and overcome these community tensions and they so far have two events planned so assist with this; one for Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month in June and one in October to mark Black History Month. 

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