The Henry Brown Youth Centre


The Henry Brown Youth Centre has been running in West Howe for over ten years but antisocial behaviour in the area has recently been increasing.


 The centre encourages young people to participate in activities to help them build relationships and engage in the community. Spending time at the centre prevents them from participating in anti-social behaviour to the benefit of both themselves and the wide community.

£1500 was granted from the Safer Dorset Fund to assist the running  of the junior section of the youth club on Tuesday evenings in an area of Bournemouth classified as ‘deprived’. It was to fund the training of a new member of staff who would be able to look after volunteers as well as run sessions at the centre and provided the children with a hot meal throughout the winter months.  

Through the centre, juniors can access a range of activities, advice and guidance on a range of issues including education, employment and one-to-one sessions if required. This gave children the support and focus they need to stay away from anti-social behaviour in addition to developing their confidence, self-esteem and self-worth through a large range of positive activities.

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