The Rendezvous Outreach Project


The Rendezvous facilitated 12 outreach sessions at Sherborne Skate Park during summer evenings in July-August 2016 , targeting young people aged 13-25.


Qualified youth workers  developed a regular and recognisable presence at the park in order to start proactive and meaningful conversations about aspects affecting young people’s  lives – particularly around drugs and substance misuse.  The link Shadows worker also  attended the sessions on a weekly basis to provide specialist support and information. 

This tackled the  issues that arise in the summer months, as when there is little to do , the numbers using the local skatepark swell and the opportunities for younger children to become embroiled in the local drug scene increase.  The park was known to the local police team and known anecdotally that it can be an area of concern to local residents.  By taking the team into the community they were able to extend the hours that currently operate at the Rendezvous and extend their  reach.

The project directly engaged with 41 young people, 22 of whom were previously unknown to the youth workers, who were able to complete 'outcomes  webs; with them and have constructive discussions around future plans.

The local residents also noticed a decrease in incidents around the park area during the summer months.


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