Townsend Children's Project


The Townsend Children’s Project operates in an area of high deprivation and seeks to offer memorable learning opportunities for children and young people aged 5-13.


The project offered a Wednesday after school homework club, followed by an early evening open access session , which includes cooking a meal, plus a Saturday ‘Get Active ‘ session promoting healthy lifestyles and, again, offering a cooked meal.

The Townsend area of Bournemouth is classed as an area of deprivation, meaning that some of the children attending the project  may not have experienced  visits to the beach or forest and by allowing them the opportunity to do this, they will recognise opportunities that lie beyond the confines of their housing community.

Through engagement  with other members of the community and working with a large range of people, the children have  learn how to interact with others, and develop social skills, and become aware of acceptable public behaviour which is of great benefit to the wider community and helps reduce antisocial behaviour and crime later in life. 

The project has had 66 regular attendees, with some of the 'young volunteers' gaining first aid and hygiene qualifications.  The project will now continue , managed by volunteers, supprted by Bournemouth YMCA.

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