Upton and Lychett Minster Allotment Association


After experiencing a number of thefts and acts of vandalism , Upton and Lytchett Minster Allotment Association (ULMAA) applied for funding to improve their site security.


The association had  experienced a number sheds being broken into , resulting in  large, expensive tools and equipment such as mowers and strimmer’s being stolen . After seeking advice from Dorset Police, an application was made to the Safer Dorset Fund for the installation of CCTV equipment which they hoped would deter the thefts.

The funding was also used to install a height barrier to prevent people driving large vehicles such as camper vans onto the site and staying the night which they often did, destroying allotment patches in the process. 

Lynn Wright from the Allotment Society said: “Allotment security is paramount to our allotmenteers, who spend much time cultivating and nurturing their crops. It is heart breaking when all the hard work could be destroyed by vandalism or theft. The height restriction barrier will discourage overnight campers and the security camera will help identify criminal activity in a relatively isolated rural spot.

Since the installation of the security equipment, there have been no further instances of theft or damage at the site.

Find out more information about the Upton and Lytchett Minster Allotment Society and the work they do. 

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