Victims Support Schools Project


Volunteers from Victim Support deliver workshops at schools across Dorset Bournemouth and Poole, to students in year 13.


The aim is to raise awareness of personal safety as the students prepare to leave home and enter the world of work or university.This group are likely to be moving away from home or to a different location, potentially in shared accommodation with different people. By giving them simple, precautionary tips and making them aware of the things which could go wrong when they leave home, the Schools Project can greatly increase the safety of the students and reduce the risk of them coming to harm. Topics such as responsible use of alcohol and creating support networks are covered and each student is also given a personal safety pack, containing items such as personal alarms and spikies. The PCC Grant has been given to cover volunteer expenses.

Find out more about Victim Support and the work they do in Dorset. 

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