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Vita Nova is an arts organisation that supports people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction , plus those who are accessing mental health services.


Vita Nova have facilitated numerous writing courses which have assisted participants to become more engaged with their communities and to participate in other Vita Nova projects.

The Safer Dorset Fund Community Grant was used to fund  the Write Time project , which added creative writing to the programme of  activities.  The Write Time project used creative writing as a means to build self-confidence, self-esteem and self-sufficiency of participants.

22 people , all of whom were either reliant on alcohol or drugs or presented with a history of mental health illness manifesting in antisocial behaviour have now participated in the creative writing course.   All participants have remained clean and sober during their enagagement with the project, and experienced improvement in their mental health. 6 of the 22 participants had a history of criminal behaviour including shop lifting and dealing drugs. None of these 6 participants have reoffended , with some having successfully completed their probation.

All those who have participated in the project have shown an increase in their self-esteem, showing such satisfaction in their writing that some of them have performed their work to the general public.

Project worker, Dave Walker said:Funding has enabled service users and volunteers to develop their creative writing skills and to have their work published. It has provided opportunities to perform their work to an audience often for the first time. For those in recovery from alcohol/drugs addiction, it has contributed to their ongoing recovery and building a more productive life”

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