Weymouth Street Pastors

Weymouth & Portland

Since 2008 Weymouth Street Pastors have been patrolling Weymouth town centre on Friday and Saturday nights between 10pm to 4am.

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At these times there is often a lot of alcohol related antisocial behaviour which can put a strain on both the police and emergency services.

Alcohol fuelled assaults and injuries are common and so the presence of the Street Pastors aims to reduce the number of such incidents by helping to calm situations and deal with people who are at risk due to their intoxication.

The Street Pastors are all volunteers from local churches and undergo a minimum training period of 40 hours before they are able to go out on patrols. In 2015 they sought to expand their work and needed funding to provide  training for  new volunteers which included domestic abuse training,  and approached the PCC for a grant of £250 from the Safer Dorset Fund.

The funding assisted an increase in  patrols  during the funded period, assisitng a huge number of people ranging from helping people to get home safely to the prevention of  three attempted suicides.

A representative from Weymouth Street Pastors said: “As a result of this funding, which part-funded the training of new volunteers, Weymouth Street Pastors have operated 103 patrols in 2015.”

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