YMCA Diversity Conference


Members of the YMCA Youth Forum organised a Diversity conference that was be led by young people on the 30th September 2016


  • Priority 1

It will brought groups of young people together to lead workshops that challenged discrimination due to race, disability, gender and sexuality. The workshops were designed and led by young people from LGBT, Disability and BME youth groups. Key representatives of Dorset secondary schools were invited and asked to disseminate the learning  to their schools, as well as vulnerable young people from educational and youth community settings who have been affected by discrimination and antisocial behaviour themselves.

All workshops delivered were linked to hate crimes and reporting systems enabling people to feel safer in their community. Young people organising and delivering the workshops had the opportunity to share personal experiences of discrimination whilst building confidence and self esteem - this encouraged those who felt unable to speak up, to make their voices heard thus reducing the number of hate crimes through increased awareness. Young people participating in the conference were able to develop a wider understanding of how to combat and report discrimination in their community and make their community safer


For more information click here : www.ymca.org.uk/location/ymca-bournemouth

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