#RU2DRUNK is a Dorset Police initiative and is a study to reduce alcohol related violence in the night time economy, tackling the culture of pre-drinking and improve the community’s confidence in Dorset Police.

The pilot includes the voluntary breathalysing of people who are suspected to be already highly intoxicated with alcohol, trying to get into licensed premises in Weymouth before entering the night time economy.

#RU2DRUNK has already been piloted by South Devon Police in Torquay, where they saw a 39% decrease in violent crime. Over 800 men and women were breathalysed by door staff and a third of those were then refused entry. Dorset Police are now working to replicate this trial from September – December 2016.

Weymouth is the largest town in Dorset outside of Bournemouth and has a vibrant night time economy. By working with 30 of the busiest licensed premises, #RU2DRUNK hopes to act as a deterrent to those who drink vast amounts before leaving for a night out, therefore reducing alcohol related crime.

The pilot will be heavily promoted through local media to ensure those who are intending to pre-drink before they go out for a night out, know they are likely to be breathalysed and refused entry if they drink too much. This media coverage will include local radio, TV, posters and social media. There will be a dedicated Force volunteer who will oversee the running of the programme and liaise between the Force and the premises involved.

The money from the OPCC grant will go towards the funding of breathalysers and breathalyser tubes for the 30 licenses premises taking part in the pilot. 


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