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2017-2021 Police & Crime Plan

Martyn Underhill

The Police & Crime Plan has been at the heart of the activity carried out by my office and Dorset Police for the last few years.

The four pillars have been informed by the thousands in interactions I've had with Dorset residents, as well as by specific public consultation to establish your policing policies.

I’m very pleased to say that, after years of hard work by members of my team and the Force, we have now achieved many of the commitments set out under the plan.

We’re currently updating the information below to let you know what’s been done.

It's important that you tell me what you think, so please get in touch.

Signature of Martyn Underhill

Martyn Underhill
Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner

Full Police & Crime Plan - 2019 Refresh

Quarterly Performance Reports

*If you would like a translation or alternative version of any part of this Plan then please contact us.

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