Community Road Safe

Community Road Safe

Since 2010, road death statistics in Dorset have varied year on year from 16 to 26 fatalities. The unpredictable nature of collisions underlines the importance of ensuring all road users get refresher education to reduce the likelihood of being involved in such tragedies.

The Commissioner pledged to work with local charities to raise awareness of road safety among the general driving population - not just those who have committed offences.

Dorset Police launched Community Road Safe in September 2016 - an initiative run in conjunction with Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service and Kwik Fit, in an attempt to improve road safety across the county. The sessions are free to the public and funded directly from course fees generated when motorists break the lawon Dorset’s roads.

Each session includes a hands on demonstration of simple car checks, what to do if you are first on scene at an accident and a road safety workshop covering the Fatal 5 causes of collisions.

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My Red Thumb Campaign

My Red Thumb Campaign

During consultation with over 2,000 local people, 71% agreed that concentrating on road safety issues should be a focus for Dorset Police.

Many are addicted to their phone and think they cannot survive a journey without checking social media, sending a text or taking a call. The red thumb aims to act as a visual reminder to all motorists to not be tempted.

As the Association of Police & Crime Commissioner lead on road safety, the Commissioner is a passionate supporter of education campaigns like My Red Thumb.

The Commissioner sported a red thumb, conducted media interviews with press and took part in the social media campaign on 11 May 2017. Throughout the day, motorists were encouraged to paint their nail red, photograph it and share it online in order to remind drivers to put phones out of reach and stay safe on the roads.

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Lowering the drink drive limit

Lowering the drink drive limit

The Commissioner continues to lobby the Government to lower the drink drive limit, in line with his electoral pledge.

We will soon have the highest drink drive threshold in Europe, but the Department for Transport remain unmoved on the issue, arguing that rigorous enforcement is more effective than changing the drink drive limit. The Commissioner questions the 'either, or' approach.

From speaking with local residents, the Commissioner found that nobody conclusively knows what they can ‘get away with’ under the current, generous threshold: a glass of wine, glass and a half, one pint…more?
The Commissioner believes that a lower alcohol limit, where one drink could cost you your license, would more effectively deter motorists from drinking at all before getting behind the wheel.

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Increase drug drive kits

Increase drug drive kits

In August 2016, the Commissioner's pledge to increase the availability of drug driving test kits across the Force was achieved.

The consequences of drug driving can be devastating. The Commissioner is commited to equipping as many officers as possible with the skills to test drivers and bring those who disregard the law to justice.

On 2 March 2015, changes to the Crime and Courts Act 2013 introduced a new offence of driving while over a prescribed drug limit. 

Since that date, Dorset Police has trained all traffic and ‘No Excuse’ team officers to conduct roadside screenings for cannabis and cocaine using mobile testing equipment.

In support of the PCC’s pledge, Dorset Police has extended training to all special constables working with the ‘No Excuse’ team to carry out drug wipe testing. Special Constable, Simon Miller has already secured his first positive roadside screening for drugs during a recent operation.

To date, 48 per cent of drivers tested by Dorset Police officers have given a positive roadside sample, with illegal substances found to be present in the driver’s system. 

When it comes to successfully identifying drug drivers, Dorset Police is the best force in the region. With more trained officers, Dorset Police's ability to crack down on offenders is now even stronger.

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