PCC joins Rural Crime Team on Patrol

On Friday 16 March 2018, Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) Martyn Underhill joined Dorset Police’s Rural Crime Team on patrol. The team conducted visits to rural locations across the county, including farms at Chantmarle, West Stafford and North Holworth.

PCC Martyn Underhill said: “Before the Rural Crime Team was in place, fear of crime was high among rural residents. Having met with a number of farmers, rural business owners and residents during my patrol visit, it’s clear to see that fantastic progress has already been made. Our rural communities are now more engaged with Dorset Police and confidence in reporting is up.”

The team has trained fellow officers, call handlers and radio operators to ensure that Dorset Police is dealing with reports of rural crime consistently and efficiently. Using their particular expertise, the team has provided guidance during investigations, conducted a number of targeted operations to seize property stolen from rural communities and worked closely with surrounding forces and enforcement partners.  

PC Claire Dinsdale, rural crime co-ordinator, said: “Our focus is on crime prevention and we need the public’s help with this. The key thing we would ask rural communities to do is invest in early intervention alarms. Installing this wireless technology ensures any intruder on your property will trigger an alarm when invisible beams are crossed, immediately alerting you to their presence. This technology disrupts offenders and helps us bring them to justice.”

PCSO Tom Balchin, rural engagement officer, said: “We have a number of measures available to us to disrupt offenders’ activities, such as Criminal Behaviour Orders, but promptly reported intelligence is vital in the fight against rural crime. We encourage you to report any crimes or suspicious incidents with as much detail as possible online at dorset.police.uk and sign up to rural alerts at dorsetalert.co.uk.”

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