Safer Dorset Fund - Community Grant

The Safer Dorset fund has been created as a resource to support local voluntary groups to deliver projects that make Dorset safer in line with the six priorities set out in the Police and Crime Plan.

Safer Dorset Fund - Community Grant

The availability of the Community Grant is currently on hold and therefore applications should not be submitted at this time, whilst a review into the grants process is being carried out. It is anticipated that the Community Grant will re-open again later in the year.

The Community Grant has been established as a funding source for voluntary and community sector organisations to deliver projects that meet one or more of the Police and Crime Plan priorities. Grants of between £50 and £3,000 are available, and applicants must evidence how they will contribute to making Dorset a safer place to live in, work in and visit, and/or how they will increase public reassurance. While we are able to fund existing projects, the main priority of the Community Grant is to provide funding to enable innovative projects to get started or to ‘pilot’ initiatives that make a positive difference to Dorset’s communities. 

What can be funded?

Any application will be considered, provided it meets the criteria laid out in the Community Grant Terms and Conditions. The PCC is always interested in new and innovative approaches that address crime and improve community safety in Dorset. Organisations that have previously been in receipt of SDF funds (whether Major Grants and Commissioning or Community Grant) may submit an application for Community Grant funding, provided the new application is unrelated to any previously PCC-funded project.

Please note that since changes have been introduced to the deployment of Speed Indication Devices (SIDs), the PCC’s Community Grant scheme has received a considerable increase in applications from parish councils and other groups wishing to purchase their own SIDs and/or Community Speedwatch (CSW) Equipment.  In order for the Community Grant panel to be in a position to approve new and innovative projects, for which the Community Grant is primarily intended, applications to fund SIDs or CSW kits will no longer be approved. 

What Happens next?

Your application will undergo an initial review by the Grants and Partnership Officer to ensure that it meets the criteria. All applications that pass the initial review will be sent to the Community Panel for consideration.

The Community Panel is made up of members of the Dorset community, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and a representative of one of Dorset’s Community Safety Partnerships.

You will be contacted following the panel to inform you of the outcome - we will also take this opportunity to provide you with feedback on your application.

What else should I be aware of?

We request that applicants do not mention the OPCC in funding applications to other commissioning bodies, without the prior permission of the office. This will be granted on a case-by-case basis. 


Below is a list of useful resources for applicants:

Submitting an Application

Applications should be made via the Community Grant Application Form which can be downloaded using the links below. Note: there are two versions of the form available, the standard application form, for use by voluntary and community sector organisations, and the youth-led application form, for projects that are designed and delivered by young people, which must be completed by a young person aged under eighteen.

Applications for a Community Grant award are also welcome from consortia taking a partnership approach to tackling an issue.Please ensure that the guidance within the Terms and Conditions is followed when completing your application form, paying close attention to the word count.  Applications can be submitted via email or post - details can be found on the form.

Download Standard Application

Download Youth Led Application

**When completing the forms above, please avoid copy/paste text from Microsoft Word into the PDF as the text will carry the Microsoft Word formatting and corrupt the PDF.  If you wish to copy and paste text, please first paste into wordpad then re copy and paste into the PDF which will ensure the formatting does not get carried across**

For more information please email or call 01305 229095. 


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