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You First is the county integrated domestic violence and abuse service providing free and discreet support, advice and refuge to victims and survivors of domestic abuse and violence.


  • Priority 2

For the purposes of the Stalking Clinic will be operating Pan –Dorset. The project will deliver a co-ordinated response to stalking across Dorset, preventing crime and increasing well-being in the community by working with Police, Probation, Mental Health and other services to  develop and set up a nationally recognised best practice Stalking Clinic in Dorset.  The clinic will be led by the You First Manager, who will also be one of the lead trainers and will raise awareness of all stalking profiles with statutory agencies.  The clinic will meet quarterly and specifically assist police and probation officers to fully understand the stalking profile of the suspect and put in place a bespoke risk assessment and management plan to safeguard the victim.

Midway through the project two staff members have attended and successfully completed their stalking training and a stalking training package has been developed, the first event being delivered in March 2017.
Stalking development meetings have taken place with the police, mental health
practitioners, probation, CPS and substance misuse organisations. 
YOU Trust have made application to national funding for an practitioner for Dorset to
complement the stalking training and development of the clinic and ensure sustainability
post PCC funding.
You First Dorset has implemented the Stalking Risk Profile with clients within the service
who are experiencing Stalking/Harassment.

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