Beaufort Community Centre


The Community Centre is open to members of the public. It is also used by well over a hundred hirers weekly.


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The community centre needs ot replace the current CCTV system with a more fit for purpose system. The current system is very dated and unreliable. It has many points within its functionality that are prone to failure. It has recently been repaired after months of not operating. The system currently runs on outdated software which has no current support. The receiving unit is effectively an outdated PC running on a version of Windows which is no longer supported by Microsoft. Although some of the cameras are still viable and within acceptable operating limits, most convey unstable and distorted video due to the either lens protective domes requiring repair, lens issues, internal circuit problems or defective cabling.

The Centre is visited by over a hundred people on a weekly basis. In the last few months there has been one bicycle theft and one case of bicycle vandalism. There are over 50 open cases reported to Police that involve the Centre and the adjoining two schools. The sides of the gymnasium at the Centre are wrought with graffiti, undesirable left overs of ‘possible’ drug use are evidenced outside the gymnasium.

Staff at the Centre are working to clear the shrub area around the Centre but this is not sufficient to ensure public safety. There are no cameras outside the gym which would not only act as a deterrent but capture valuable video footage when anti social behaviour takes place.


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