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The Bournemouth BMX Club operates from one of the oldest tracks in the UK, Iford Lane Playing fields, and is run by a team of volunteers.

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It is a very popular local track which is used by many riders, including those who represent Great Britain at a world class level.

The club has been recognised for helping to keep antisocial behaviour levels down through their programmes ,  which work with all levels of riders to ensure they know that the club, and the sport of BMX, will not tolerate bad behaviour.

School outreach programmes also utilise the club and students that have attended the coaching sessions have shown great improvement in their behaviour. They have also shown increased ability to engage and follow instruction, increased confidence and improved physical ability.

However, the track was recently in danger of being closed due to the final turn of the track becoming unsound through constant use. Lack of funding meant the club was struggling to replace it , which could have meant the 100 members of the Club and hundreds of local young people who use the track may have returned to riding around the streets with the potential for an increase in antisocial behaviour.

The Bournemouth BMX Club approached the PCC for a grant of £1500 from the Safer Dorset Fund to help fund the replacement turn. This was successfully installed and the track reopened in May 2015.

Find out more information about the Bournemouth BMX Club and the work they do by clicking here.


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