Hunt the House

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Ideas to Action ran a safety project on Canford Heath in the Summer of 2016, in partnership with Canford Heath Neighbourhood Watch called 'Hunt the House'

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The project arose after a community observer accompanies a shift with Dorset Police in February 2016,  and observed that on three of the calls valuable time was wasted as houses were so difficult to indentify in the dark, which could be a matter of life and death in a medical emergency.

A retired paramedic gave the project tips to share on their website and in the Canford Heath Community Magazine,  to make houses easier to identify in an emergency, describing the nightmare house as being ‘ A house where there is an outside wall, but no number and a long driveway with the house number hardly definable in the distance -so much time is wasted trying to locate a number in these circumstances.’

 Help the emergency services by doing the following :


If you have the number or name of your property on a gate, the gate may be open and therefore the number won’t be visible.


Please cut back any overgrown bushes or hedges as these often obscure your number.


It helps the emergency services if all your wheelie bins (this includes, black, blue and green bins) have numbers on the front and back of the bin. Locating a house is made so much easier when residents make the effort to do this when the emergency services attend properties on bin collection days.

The project encourage people to add reflective house numbers ot their properties, and to undertake the steps above.  A ‘find-the-house’ exercise involving 4 volunteers then evidenced that having more visible numbers were quicker to reach, than the same properties with smaller or no numbers. In one case it took 2 minutes longer to find without the more visible number and another 1 minute 3 seconds.

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