Global Rock Challenge


Global Rock Challenge is run by the Be Your Best Foundation and is a drug misuse and crime prevention initiative in the form of a friendly performing arts challenge.

10 – 12 local secondary schools take part and are each tasked with putting together a performance where they are in control of all aspects of their presentation, including building sets, doing makeup, lighting and choreography.

The Safer Dorset Fund supports Rock Challenge because it is a way to discourage and prevent anti-social behaviour. It provides students with a huge task and a goal which, to achieve, requires them to work closely as a team for a prolonged period of time to achieve something together. This is beneficial in a number of ways to all those who take part, including: building relationships between peers, increasing self-esteem and confidence, improving school attendance, increasing enjoyment of school and getting the young people moving. By taking part in Rock Challenge, young people spend a long time designing and choreographing their performances, as well as building sets and making costumes, which means they are learning new skills in a safe environment, improving their well-being and are not using their time for more anti-social means. Schools reported that throughout the time they had been taking part in Rock Challenge, 73% of students attendance within teams had improved and 88% of students said they enjoyed going to school more.

Each year, schools choose a theme for their performance based issues in their community they feel affects them. Their performance is based upon this theme, giving them focus on local issues and encouraging them to examine their local area.   

From the day they sign up to the day of the Rock Challenge performance, students sign a pledge to commit to refraining from tobacco and alcohol. The consequences to not sticking to the pledge are decided by the students, but Rock Challenge emphasises the point that those who are having a vulnerable moment should be supported and not punished. On the day of the performance, if any students are caught smoking, their schools are heavily penalised. In 2015, 483 students said they had given up or reduced the amount they smoke as a result of Rock Challenge and 728 of 1,035 students who said they regularly drank alcohol, reported a reduction or a complete stop to their alcohol consumption.

The money from the PCC helps to fund the general costs of the event to allow it to go ahead, including helping to fund the hire of a local venue (the Bournemouth Pavilion), staffing, video and photography hire and administration. 

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